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An in-depth guide to fleet insurance

If you have a haulage business that employs members of staff on company driving duties contact reputable insurance brokers online who can provide competitive fleet insurance for all your vehicles.  Let professional brokers search their panel of well-known UK insurers to find the right cover for your drivers and their vehicles, insurance consultants have many years of experience in providing fleet cover for all sizes and types of multi fleets. Why not request a free no obligation quotation for fleet insurance now to get the best deal available online as well as benefiting from many key features such as:-
  • insurance cover for fleets that have three or more vehicles
  • any driver cover available which includes drivers who have licence restrictions
  • being able to cover all your fleet vehicles under one policy
  • a like for like courtesy car while your vehicle is at an approved repairer
  • cover for a variety of vehicles such as high performance cars and motorcycles, vans, HGVs, cars and motorbikes
  • no policy excesses - even for high performance vehicles
  • easy to understand administration - only one renewal date necessary for multi fleet vehicles
If you employ young drivers working for you as part of your fleet business operation then you’ll probably be aware of the increasing costs in providing insurance for them.  Recent statistics have shown that young people between 17 and 25 years old seem to be bearing the brunt of ever-increasing insurance prices which is not good news for them or their employers, however thankfully sympathetic online brokers are aware of the situation so go out of their way to provide affordable multi vehicle insurance.  Many company owners are bewildered why fleet insurance is much more expensive than standard car insurance, the obvious reason is that fleet insurance is designed to satisfy the needs of business owners who use more than one type of vehicle for work purposes although there are many advantages when buying company fleet insurance such as:-
  • all vehicles under one single policy which is easier to manage
  • a reduction in the cost for multi vehicle insurance
  • a swift response to any insurance claim
  • numerous discounts when buying company fleet insurance online
It’s reassuring to know that when searching for fleet insurance dynamic brokers provide an efficient service to all their customers whether online, over the phone or face to face.  Recommended brokers benefit from around 85% of their business through renewals and positive customer testimonials which can be read online at any time.  They offer a wide range of insurance services conducted with a personal touch for:- Brokers can offer great insurance deals to their customers due to their extensive buying power they have with their professional insurance partners, reliable brokers are fully regulated by the Financial Services Authority to sell fleet insurance and many other insurance products to businesses and individuals across the UK and abroad. Don’t worry if you’re having a problem with car fleet insurance, advisers can compare the many permutations from insurance companies who insure fleets of cars so let them do the hard work for you by completing an online application form to receive tailor-made quotes. When you’re looking to renew or take out new fleet insurance for cars, vans, taxis or lorries, rest assured experienced team members can find you the cheapest policies around without compromising on the levels of cover for fully comprehensive, third party and third party fire and theft. Of course you also have the opportunity to purchase extra cover for all your vehicles which can be insured under one policy, speak to brokers about this or any questions or queries you may have regarding fleet insurance. Fleet business owners and their employees are at risk every day from vehicle:-
  • theft
  • damage
  • vandalism
  • accidents
  • breakdowns
Whatever type of fleet company you run you have a legal duty of care to your workforce when they are employed by you whatever their employment duties may be, it’s simply not worth the risk of being without fleet insurance, imagine the legal and financial implications if something untoward was to happen and you didn’t have the necessary van fleet insurance in place for example.  Brokers realise that choosing the perfect fleet insurance policies isn’t an easy decision to make especially if you own a fleet of cars, vans, taxis or lorries, vehicle insurance packages can often depend on the vehicles themselves, including the ownership. Look at fleet Insurance as a positive way to manage the cost of insuring your company’s vehicles along with knowing that any claims submitted will be handled as quickly as possible via brokers.  Taxi fleet insurance for example can remove the burden of having to purchase a separate policy for each car which would be a headache depending on the number you have, not to mention monitoring and tracking every taxi individually for insurance purposes.  Buying and renewing taxi fleet insurance will ensure all cars will be covered properly without delay, it’s worth remembering however that fleet insurance policies do vary depending on the basics which are:-
  • the number and types of vehicles
  • age and condition
  • mileage
  • value
Some business fleet operators may be concerned about their previous insurance claims history or high risk drivers who they think may not be eligible for lorry fleet insurance.  Brokers have a variety of ways in calculating premiums and assessing the risks of drivers and vehicles during the normal course of business to be able to offer cost-effective fleet Insurance packages to all their clients.  Fleet insurance can be very helpful too in tackling the burden and liability that could arise in the course of your fleet business, why not get in touch with brokers now to discuss what policies are available. You can also compare private and public hire insurance at Multiquote Taxi Insurance & Save